Ironbond uses the highest quality preparation and paint products, which have been specially formulated and designed for sheet metal.

Unfortunately our products are not suitable for terracotta tiles or cement tile roofs, as explained below.

Our products outperform both water based acrylics and solvent based alkyds (oil based) paints. The below graphs outlines the superior performance of our Acrylic lacquer paint 549-Line (shown in green) in gloss retention and colour retention.


The point of difference for Ironbond protective solutions can be attributed to the use of top-of-the-line products and equipment, as follows:


2. High grade water blaster

3. Acrylic lacquer paint (PPG 549Line)

These products and equipment have been used in conjunction with BlueScope Steel Ltd for superior finishes.


1. Stripper NMP

Ironbond uses a stripper which has a main ingredient of N-METHYL-2-PYRROLIDONE (NMP). Ironbond were at the forefront during trials of NMP as a stripper for roof coatings.

This product has been found as highly effective in the breakdown and removal of existing roof coatings.

The use of NMP allows the stripping back to bare metal and therefore results in superior adhesion of new coatings to the core metal product.

Only a small amount of NMP is used during our processes and in fact, the product will provide fertilisation for your lawns.

NMP is recyclable by distillation, readily biodegradable and essentially non-toxic to aquatic life.

Because of its broad solvency, low volatility and relative toxicity profile, NMP is the leading substitute for methylene chloride in paint strippers, graffiti removers and other products for industrial clean-up.


2. High grade water blasting equipment

Contrary to popular belief, the pressure provided by water blasting units is not the only important factor.

It is actually also the volume of water exerted from a machine which provides the abrasive force and the cleaning power.

Therefore, you will get better quality surface preparation with both high pressure and a high volume of water.

In comparison to other restoration companies Ironbond uses higher-calibre water blasting equipment and in combination with NMP stripper the cleanest surface for application of protective coatings is possible.

Ironbond water blaster (in combination with NMP)

Generic water blaster (not generally used with a stripping agent)

Water pressure of 5000psi

Water pressure between 3-4000psi

Water volume of 30L/minute

Water volume between 12-18L/minute

Cleans back to bare metal allow

Cleans superficially and leaves residual paint


3. Acrylic Lacquer paint (PPG 549Line)

Acrylic Lacquer paint is a premium quality thermoplastic acrylic lacquer. Acrylic Lacquers are based on top quality pigments and raw material components, including special UV absorbing additives.

This results in an extremely durable finish. PPG 549Line Acrylic Lacquer was originally designed in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s as exterior vehicle paint.

PPG 549Line was formulated to perform as well as the original material used by BlueScope Steel Ltd.

This finish may seem expensive when initially compared to quotes from other suppliers, but will provide you with a longer lasting finish. This product is manufactured by the same company that supplied the original coating material used by BlueScope Steel Ltd.

Most generic roof painting or roof restoration companies use Acrylic membrane paint. This type of paint is suitable for concrete tiles due to its film thickness and filling capabilities.

However, if you have a sheet metal roof, it is unsuitable as it is softer which allows for mould growth and increased fading. Further, with sheet metal roofs the surface should be thoroughly stripped and not require any areas of filling.

A comparison of the two paint products used within the industry is shown below.

Acrylic Lacquer paint (549Line)

Acrylic membrane paint

Used primarily for the automotive industry and by Ironbond for the roofing industry

Used by most generic roof restoration companies

Dry time of 45 minutes at 25 degrees Celsius

Dry time of 2 hours at 25 degrees Celsius

Longevity of 10-15 years

Longevity of 5-10 years

Requires specialised training for application

Requires little training for use

Increased adhesion to metal surfaces

Increased adhesion to concrete surfaces

Does not provide filling properties, due to the smooth surfaces of metal

Provides filling properties due to the rough surfaces of concrete tiles